Prof. Dr. Alexander Pöschl

About me

In brief: eleven years of professional experience in industry and retail / services. Of which more than five as authorised signatory or managing director. Co-founder and start-up investor with two exits, plus partial exit of the family business as part of the succession. Seven M&A transactions, four of which as project manager. Two years living or studying abroad (Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Netherlands). Doctorate, professorship and various publications in the field of entrepreneurship.

From left to right: Panel discussion at an event by Orbis SE; Startup Day by AWS (Amazon Web Services) Japan; Entrepreneurship event by Google for Startups in South Korea.

Target audience of this website

For my students

in addition to Moodle, – such as e.g. links to articles, thesis supervision or other support.

Founders & startups

e.g. internship placement, guest lectures, research projects, support and networking.

For larger firms

e.g. internship placement, guest lectures, research projects, support & networking.


I study different aspects of transformations and entrepreneurship, e.g. business successions in medium-sized companies, entrepreneurship-through-acquisition transactions or pivots in start-ups.